@ Hazeltine Frankfurt, 1975

Uwe M. Kuechler had his first encounters with electronic computing in 1975 on a Hazeltine 2000 Terminal, wrote his first lines of code in 1980 on a Siemens BS2000 host and entered the world of relational database management systems 1988 with Adimens ST on the Atari ST microcomputer.

In 1997 he joined ORACLE Germany, conducting custom software development with SQL, PL/SQL, Java and PHP. Over time, more and more DBA activities were involved.


uk 2013

38 years later

Today, he is a specialist for Oracle DB performance optimization, DB-design and -administration and development of database-driven applications. He loves to share his knowledge as a consultant, speaker and blogger.

He is co-author of the „Oracle Survival Guide“ (German only).

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