OPatch 12c: emocmrsp gone missing

tl;dr: The option “-ocmrf” is no longer mandatory nor implemented anymore.

Last week, the quarterly PSU came out, and just a few hours later I tried to apply it to a Oracle Restart + DB system under OL 6.7.

This would have run smoothly if it wasn’t for the fact that this was the first patch for this system and therefore I needed to create a OCM response file for silent patching with “opatchauto”.

Too bad that there was no executable “emocmrsp” unter “./ocm/bin” when I tried to use the latest OPatch-Tool ( WTF?!

A quick search on MOS didn’t reveal useful information, so I resorted to an earlier OPatch release (, still suits requirements for PSU Jul6).

But meanwhile I found out that OPatch doesn’t need a OCM Response File any more! The documentation and several MOS-Notes on patching methods do not reflect yet that the option “-ocmrf <Path>” can and must be omitted now.

So, when using OPatch from now on just do:

# export PATH=$PATH:<GI_HOME>/OPatch
# opatchauto apply <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/%BUGNO%

Nice. This “Are you sure you don’t want to be informed about patches?” had bugged me long enough, be it in Silent Mode or not. This has finally changed for the better.


3 thoughts on “OPatch 12c: emocmrsp gone missing

  1. Bryan

    I felt your pain, ran into same issue. I found your article first then found these: MOS Doc. ID 2161861.1 and 1591616.1 where the change in OCM is explained.

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